The standard filter

The standard filter
Talk about the standard filter-filter bag filter of gas is a gas Purifier books at high standards. Bag filter has multiple types and levels of different filter fits your system. Filter bags are often used in the AHU, in hospitals, in the secondary filtering of clean rooms and. ..
Filter is broken into three levels of basic filter according to standard EN779 and EN1822 standards. Actually three levels of filtering that is coarse and fine filter, loc HEPA filter. Each level filter has a filtration level, size and different performance. We are the leading supplier of cleanroom air filtration industry in Vietnam
To assess the quality and classification of types of filter of gas experts came up with the standards which apply for each intended use. The common standard of gas purification in Vietnam is the EN779 and EN1822.

1. coarse Filter

-According to the European standard EN 779; G1-G4
-Standard: 1 MERV 52.1 ASHREA-MERV 6

2. filter the essential

-According to the European standard EN 779; F5 – F9
-Standard: MERV 14 MERV-9 52.1 ASHREA

3. Filter HEPA & ULPA

-According to the European standard EN 1822; H10-H14; U15-U17
-Standard: 52.2 ASHREA MERV 17-20 of MERV.

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