Learn about static electricity and electrostatic prevention methods

Learn about static electricity and electrostatic prevention methods


In life, static electricity exists everywhere and it is not very attention to it due to negligible effect. However in the production, the static electricity is huge problem as much headache producers because of the harm it caused to so they are always trying to find ways against static electricity.

The incidents caused by static electricity


The electrostatic discharge (ESD-Electrostatic Discharge)

Similar to lightning phenomena in nature. Static electricity on the surface of the object will launch the electric charge through the air shaft to the ground creating sparks. When the energy of static electric discharge generating cross fire points of the material (this is the diluent gas, gasoline volatility etc.) will give rise to flame fires

The cling-(ESA-Electro Static Atraction)

Small dust particles when near from electrostatic fields will be left polarity. Then the dust will be sucked into the surface of the object due to gravity. This causes a huge influence on the production process and product quality. The harmful effects often seen as steady product quality, ink contamination, were stuck in air when lem, damage the prints on the tube co. ..

Harmful effects to humans

With a huge amount of electric charge on the surface of the body, creating an extremely strong magnetic field in the surroundings. From this school have harmful effects in the long run with human health, of which most affected the nervous system, reproductive system, the circulatory system. Electrostatic force in particular is likely to shock the operator causing workers ‘ compensation

The harm of static electricity in production

Static electricity on the surface of the object, as appropriate to the level of large (approximately 3000 volts) will generate a magnetic field, static electricity from this school will impact causing the polarization of the object when the object reached the electrostatic fields, the polarity creates attraction Culon forced enough of this object on the surface of the bearing static electricity. This dust phenomena affecting the quality of the production process to clean surfaces such as: printing, Assembly, packaged food, pharmaceutical, coating, painting, plating and electronic production process etc.
Therefore, in the production we often encounter the problem of discomfort:
Antiques, bottles being electrified dust adhesion reduces the quality of the product. -The packaging make cannot be rated right now-high static electricity causing spark lead to fire. Fire from combustible areas such as solvents in-ink is lem (bird feet, pull whiskers…)-shock workers cause accidents-wastes increased by workers who don’t want to come near the membrane film …-the close pouring dust, mouth open pockets-the product is not the correct location because of pushing each other due to the electrostatic infection causing defects-Jammed into a platen membrane- And many other harmful effects

Solve the problem of static electricity

The different materials will have these different solutions. As for the material consisting of power, the most common method is earthed directly.
- For those material did not result in static electricity as natural materials, the mixture is only one unique solution is to use the ionizer. This is the method that creates the ions counteract the electrostatic region to neutralize, if not by the Liberal charge, static electricity takes away very slowly. The insulating material to allow the Group of positive and negative charge form. When the particles cannot move across the surface of the material, the ground connection can not remove this charge. The ionization is the only means to get rid of static electricity in the insulating material. The ionizing electrons free in the air by the method of high-voltage polarity creates continuous flow of positive and negative charge. The electric charge that will combine with the charge left on the surface of the material so the intent is static electricity on the surface insulation.
- Anti-static devices can be reduced is the ion by neutralizing them. Some anti-static are: the reduction of static electricity, pyrotechnics, anti-static, anti-static gun, knives, gas blower, loader ion coating, electrostatic bracelets, wire connectors and. .. (antistatic ionizing bar, nozzle, ionizing air gun, knife, ionizing blower, charging, wrist trap…).
- For anti-static for a printer, the system attaches the bar to eliminate static electricity to some location to it’s neutral ions generated from paper during the process of rubbing, discharge roll, dried and...
- For anti-static paint process, it uses the static electricity Eliminator or bar ion fan mounted at the location near where the spray paint to these devices eliminate ions in the paint. Do not become infected with electrostatic paint particles cling firmly to the surface of the seeds need paint, creating more aesthetic varnish.
- And many more applications of the anti-static devices against electrostatic damage to human life and production.

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