Control the environmental conditions in the laboratory

Control the environmental conditions in the laboratory

I. environmental conditions inside the laboratory’s specific requirements are as follows:

1. standard temperature wet-heat stability of 20 ℃, the corresponding temperature in the laboratory and test rooms is 20 ± 5 ℃, the temperature of the balance room is 20 ± 3 ℃, the temperature in the room template is ≤ 32 ℃
2. relative humidity in normal laboratory maintained at 40-70%.
3. environmental conditions in the area prevent and resist corrosion from cover, dust, vibration, noise-resistant in accordance with requirements of environmental conditions for measurement and testing in the laboratory, the light in the laboratory must also proceed to check out.

II. When environmental conditions have abnormalities in the laboratory

Such as temperature and humidity exceed the scope provisions which clearly affect the test results or have due diligence, should promptly report to the Director, and reported to the relevant leaders in the company and leader of the quality management Department.When conducting the test in normal environmental conditions that appear abnormal phenomena, it is based on the text of the report of the leadership involved in the company, to adopt measures for satisfactorily. In the current conditions, the laboratory must apply aggressive conservation measures to maintain stable measuring equipment.

III.Control and manage the daily environmental conditions in the laboratory

1. always maintain cleanliness in the laboratory, after finishing their daily work to cleanup and sweeping, clean the device periodically measuring, after using it to arrange the accessories and instruments of the tidy, neatly, especially of air cover and dust cloth. All measuring devices used to power after using it to interrupt sources to ensure their safety.
2. in the laboratory is strictly forbidden to the map, such as food, drink, snacks, smoking, no staff in the laboratory, have yet to be agreed are not allowed into the room.Employees must not arbitrarily and must have tight control over the number of people going on to avoid leading to changes in the temperature range, humidity in the room.
3. the problem of temperature and humidity in the laboratory to send experts in charge of monitoring and recording the data, the storage room by the employee management of room inventory records; the room standard solution due to drug control officers try to record, sample room due to employee management form recorded, there is a conditioner to be arbitrarily opened a window, to send experts to manipulate air conditioners; common room, the room templates testing by Minister and in charge of the Court, shall have the meter operator, balanced room by Chief test in charge. The condition of temperature and humidity in the room are recorded by the measurements, the warranty period of 3 years in the laboratory.

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